Here you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

Are Camille Bloch chocolates gluten-free ?

All Camille Bloch chocolate specialities are considered gluten-free in accordance with the Swiss Foodstuffs Ordinance (or Ordinance on the Labelling and Promotion of Foodstuffs).

Are Camille Bloch chocolates lactose-free ?

Milk powder is used in the preparation of our chocolate specialities. All our products therefore contain lactose or may contain traces of it. We therefore advise people with lactose allergies not to consume them.

I am allergic to peanuts. Can I still eat Camille Bloch chocolates ?

Our chocolates do not contain any peanuts or ingredients made from them, such as peanut butter. So you can enjoy the Camille Bloch specialities without any worries.

What allergens may be present in Camille Bloch chocolates ?

All our specialities may contain pulses (almonds, hazelnuts), lactose and soya or traces thereof.

I have noticed a light-coloured haze on my chocolate. Where does this come from ?

This is the so-called surface fat bloom, which is due to temperature fluctuations. At high temperatures the fat melts, at cooler temperatures it crystallises again on the surface in the form of a fine, light layer. The chocolate no longer looks as nice, but it is edible without hesitation. The ideal storage temperature for chocolate is between 16 and 19°C. Strict and regular quality controls are carried out in our factory. After delivery from the factory, however, it is hardly possible for us to influence the transport and storage conditions of the chocolate.

Where does the cocoa used in Camille Bloch products come from ?

The quality of the raw materials has top priority in the production of our chocolate specialities. We source our cocoa from Ghana in West Africa and from Ecuador in South America. Since 2011, we have been working with the organisation “Sourcetrust” in Ghana. This is a non-profit organisation that supports local cocoa farmers and promotes sustainable, ecological and socially acceptable cultivation. (Link:

Our experts also visit the cultivation areas in person to get an idea of the cultivation conditions on site.

Which vegetable fats are used for Camille Bloch specialities ?

We cannot achieve the typical, melt-in-the-mouth consistency of the fillings of specialities such as Ragusa and Torino without a limited addition of vegetable fats. We use only non-hydrogenated fats and do not use so-called trans fats.

The fillings of Ragusa and Torino now contain a mixture of coconut fat and cocoa butter. This means that we do not add any palm oil. Our environment, image and health are decisive factors in the development of our specialities.



How long is the delivery time?

The goods will be sent to the desired delivery address within 10 working days after receipt of payment.

Will I receive a written confirmation as soon as the package has been shipped or I can pick up my order in the shop?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail as soon as your goods are ready for dispatch or collection.

Can I track my parcel once it has been sent?

Yes, with the Track & Trace system you can ensure that you can receive the goods in person.

Do the prices on the website include VAT?

Yes, the shipping of the ordered items is at your expense (incl. VAT).

Can I make my delivery outside Switzerland?

No, deliveries abroad are not possible. Just via our Webshop in France. 

What can I do if I notice an error in my order after I have already placed it?

In the event of an error on your part (quantity requested, text too engraved, delivery address, etc.), your right of return does not apply. It is your responsibility to check your order carefully before finalising it.

Can I cancel or change my order after I have completed the payment process?

Once the customer has received the purchase confirmation of their order by e-mail, they no longer have the option to change or cancel it.

Can I order chocolate during the summer months?

During the summer period or during hot spells, we reserve the right to stop deliveries for quality reasons. However, you have the option of collecting your order directly from our shop in Courtelary. (Isotherm bags are available in our shop or take your own cooler bag).

How do I proceed if my order of a Ragusa for engraving exceeds 59 pieces?

For requests over 59 pieces, send your order to to determine delivery terms.

Can I have the text of my choice engraved on the Ragusa?

Chocolats Camille Bloch SA reserves the right to refuse orders for engraving of the Ragusa whose text to be engraved violates legal provisions or accepted moral standards, in particular with regard to content that is offensive or inappropriate for humans or animals. Engraving of other brand names from the chocolate industry is not possible.