Chocolats Camille Bloch offers various ways of customized products, from individual chocolates to promotional packaging to an exclusive gift. Together, we’ll find you the right solution for your need, your budget and your customers, suppliers or employees.

Ragusa Classique Praliné 12x11g - from 150 pieces

Magic moment

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Standard products with customized cover

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Wrapped in an original and unique customized cover, our great Swiss chocolate classics show the esteem in which you hold your customers.

Ragusa 100g with customized cover
Ragusa 400g with customized cover
Ragusa 132g with customized cover
Ragusa 25g - from 4'000 pieces
Ragusa 25g bus, track, train - from 6'000 pieces
Ragusa 25g car - from 6'012 pieces
Ragusa 50g - from 3'000 pieces
Ragusa 3 x 25g - from 2'010 pieces



Ragusa, the original chocolate – simple in shape and strong in character. Traditional Classique, intense Noir or cheeky Blond chocolate – three varieties for maximum enjoyment. Choose your favourite variety or combine two or three varieties.

Praline pleasure


This delectation combining our tradition and know-how has been a popular choice for over 80 years. Ragusa praline is a delicate temptation with a modern charm. It comes in Classique, Blond and Noir varieties.

Ragusa Praliné 11g - from 50 boxes of 2kg
Ragusa Praliné 5 x 11g - from 2'408 cases
Ragusa Praliné 12 x 11g - from 780 boxes
Ragusa Praliné 12 x 11g - from 1'141 boxes
Ragusa Praliné 12 x 11g - from 1'141 boxes
Torino Mini 8,6g - from 20 boxes of 5kg
Torino Mini 8,6g - from 3 cartons of 5kg
Torino Mini 137g - from 1'099 boxes
Torino Mini 301g - from 504 boxes
Torino Mini 352g - from 432 boxes
Torino Mini 653g - from 232 boxes
Torino Mini 653g - from 248 boxes
Torino 100g - from 1'008 pieces
Torino Mini 352g - from 428 boxes

Sweet temptation


Melt-in-the-mouth Torino will entice your customers into a sensual world of flavour, adding a hint of dolce vita to their everyday life. Made from finest-quality chocolate and natural ingredients, Torino gives you a unforgettable taste experience.


Ragusa and Torino

Your name associated with a tasty temptation that will be etched in memories.

Ragusa Praliné & Torino Mini 705g - from 216 boxes
Ragusa 100g - from 204 bars



In their refined and original packaging, our Swiss chocolate classics testify to the esteem you have for your customers.


  • Delivery within Switzerland
  • Manufacture of packaging materials
  • Chocolate (Ragusa, Torino) made freshly to order
  • Advice on the suitability of products of different formats
  • Production of special format


  • Minimum quantity: from 100 kg, depending on the product
  • Printing costs: from CHF 250 to CHF 700
  • Delivery time: 2 – 8 weeks from proof approval
  • Delivery: free delivery (within Switzerland)
  • Use-by date: 8 – 12 months from date of manufacture
  • Payment conditions: 30 day net
  • Printing: Design to your specification (1 to 4 colours) plus our ingredients list, batch number, use-by date and brand