Une Passion

«We have always dreamed of evoking a feeling that goes beyond the pleasure of our chocolate.»


Chocolate is joie de vivre. Pleasure and a taste experience. For yourself or to enjoy together. For us, it is also a passion. One that brings us together. One that we share with joy and pride – for three generations.


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A team of the Swiss Television for Western Switzerland visited us on the last day of 2022. “Diane & Gaetan” is a 20 minute sequence featuring Swiss singer Gaetan. Gaetan and his friend, Diane, enjoyed discovering the history of our chocolate factory, the secrets of making chocolate – like the fact, that Ragusa does not grow on trees – and decorated a chocolate cut-out with nuts, cranberries and just a few cocoa nibs (they were too bitter for Gaetan). The program is only available in French.


80 years Ragusa


Our 4D Cine-Gaming within the Discovery World now offers a complete experience with all the stages of the hazelnut as well as the 4 sensory effects (sound, light, wind and scent). What incorrigible hazelnut are you?

80 years Ragusa

Ragusa Blond

Ragusa Blond is a unique chocolate with a caramelized taste. It clearly stands out from other chocolates by offering an incomparable taste experience.

To celebrate Ragusa’s 80th anniversary, Ragusa Blond and Noir are now available in limited edition in the iconic 50g format created in 1942. An unequaled pleasure to taste without further delay and take it everywhere!

Soon available !