Ragusa and Torino have been enjoyed by generations of Swiss consumers. We therefore want to preserve and nurture this national treasure for future generations. Ragusa is available in Classique, Blond and Noir varieties, as well as a Ragusa For Friends version, the perfect way to share this delicious treat with friends. Torino also comes in Lait, Blond and Noir (vegan) varieties. The new Torino La Piazza was added to our praline range in 2017, with its delicate layer of crispy chocolate, smooth almond and hazelnut gianduja interior and meltingly intense center.

Specialties such as liqueur chocolates complete our product range.

The world of RAGUSA

Ragusa, A Real Swiss Character!

The famous rectangular chocolate bar with a smooth praline filling, whole hazelnuts, unique taste and real Swiss character has been an authentically Swiss product since 1942.

The world of TORINO

Torino, exquisitely tender praline

The unparalleled praline specialty by Camille Bloch, with a melt-in-your-mouth gianduja filling that fills your life with unforgettable moments of dolce vita.


Liqueur Chocolates

Camille Bloch’s liqueur chocolates are a real specialty, with each variety perfectly balanced, consistent and fruity. The production process produces no sugar crust and was invented 60 years ago by Camille Bloch.

Chocolats Camille Bloch

How we make our chocolates

We use traditional recipes and modern technology to create our famous specialty chocolates.


Our Markets

Ragusa and Torino are products with a cult following that have been enjoyed by generations of Swiss consumers. Ragusa is actually one of our most popular brands in Switzerland, with over 90% recognition. Our products are sold across almost the entire country, but Camille Bloch’s specialty products are also enjoyed by chocolate connoisseurs in other countries.

Our brand awareness is increasing outside Switzerland, particularly in our major European markets, and we are working to boost this growth with tastings in stores and at fairs. Anyone who tastes our chocolates is bound to be captivated by their intensely smooth taste.

Because our specialty chocolates are fragile, and due to high transportation and customs costs, we are unfortunately unable to deliver directly from Switzerland. With the exception of Germany and France, Chocolats Camille Bloch SA does not distribute its products directly but works with a network of partners in other countries.